The Sower at Sunset by Van Gogh | Handmade Gravure | Metallic Art | 3D Light Effect


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In The Sower at Sunset, Vincent van Gogh returned to a motif that he had tackled several times since his move to Arles, in the south of France, in 1888. In contrast to earlier versions, the composition of the painting in the Bührle Collection draws the eye firmly to the figure of the sower. His silhouette is balanced by an almost equally dark tree trunk on the right, cropped at the top and bottom of the picture. Both are seen directly against the light of the setting sun, which, vastly enlarged as it nears the horizon, glows like a halo behind the sower’s bowed head. The level fields and the sky are saturated with colour, predominantly hues of green and violet.
Our gravure rework is made of a handmade plate with Sower painting and then printed with gravure etching technology using a high-pressure printing press of aluminum foil and a sheet of paper. This takes this masterpiece on new levels of stunning when viewed in-person.
▪️ TRUE MASTERPIECE IN YOUR HOME: Currently displayed in Kröller-Müller Museum (Otterlo, NL), this well-known masterpiece can be located in your home with our handmade gravure rework.
▪️ HANDMADE GRAVURE: Our gravure (metallic print, etching) version of Sower is made using a handmade plate featuring the original painting by Van Gogh. Then the plate is put through a high-pressure printing press using aluminum foil together with a sheet of paper. The paper picks up the ink from the etched lines in a unique way resulting in a remarkably vibrant print art piece.
▪️ METALLIC ART MASTERY: This Van Gogh painting on foil rework is crafted based on an ancient technique using new metallic print art technology to produce a stunning visual effect.
▪️ MULTIPLE WAYS TO FRAME IT: All our gravure arts are glued with state-of-the-art glue and machines to a black MDF board to provide immense legibility and equal shape. The best part is that you can easily insert this Van Gogh gravure into a frame or paspartoo type of frame and make it a focal point in your classy & artsy interior decor.
▪️ GIFT WITH HISTORY & CLASS: No matter the occasion, a gift of Van Gogh gravure foil art printing is a high end & indulging gift for any of your dear friends and family. Treat them with a memorable gift with a piece of history and meaning that will stay for generations to come.
Whether you want to enhance your art collection & décor with a stunning handmade gravure, or you want to add an upscale look with personality in your office, business, coffee shop or restaurant, the metallic print art gravure Sower by Van Gogh is a great addition!
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